FS8 is the fitness studio of the future. We combine Pilates, Tone and Yoga for a unique and energising full body workout, so you can feel stronger every time you complete a class. Low impact – big on results. Our specialised workouts are developed by the FS8 Athletics team to give you a consistent workout no matter which FS8 studio you step into.


Our Pilates, Tone and Yoga classes bring together healthy attitudes and mutual support, fostering a mindful fitness community. Come along to sweat it out in a non-judgemental, electric environment with your FS8 fam.


No more repetitive workouts! At FS8, classes are constantly remixed and matched with pumping playlists to make every experience one to remember. With 4 distinct styles and an always-growing list of 5000 Pilates, Tone and Yoga exercises, you’ll never be bored.


Take care of future you with our guiding principle of prehabilitation over rehabilitation. All FS8 Pilates, Tone and Yoga classes feature a warm up and cool down to keep you pain and injury free, incorporating the benefits of active recovery. Mobility and flexibility are two of our 8 pillars of strength, and are prioritised in all FS8 workouts.


Ideal for Pilates and Yoga for beginners to pros, FS8’s demonstration screens and helpful trainers will facilitate a workout tailored to your needs and preferences. Ramp up the difficulty or scale it back to suit you


Our high energy, low impact workouts can be your only source of exercise – whether you’re visiting FS8 fitness studios twice per week or every day. Pilates, Tone and Yoga also keeps you flexible and strong to complement other sports, reducing injury  and boosting performance. FS8 studios have a larger capacity than most pilates classes, so you can get a workout in with fewer waitlists.


For Pilates, Tone and Yoga movements without the fluff, FS8 is your go-to. We’ve taken the best fitness and flexibility boosting elements and created a unique full body training experience that’ll have you coming back for more every time.

It’s science-backed classes that’ll get you working muscles you didn’t even know you had, pushing the limits of what you thought was possible.


Functional strength is core to all FS8 fitness studios – it’s what the ‘FS’ stands for after all. We’re all about helping you counterract the strain of modern lifestyles by supporting your body’s mechanics. FS8 workouts will help you build healthy posture, flexiblity, strength and mobility, so you can move through the world with confidence.



Such a beautiful space and I felt so welcome and comfortable as soon as I walked in! The staff were amazing from the minute I arrived and so great throughout the session, they assisted me all the way through and were very knowledgeable. I also loved the workout having the combination of pilates reformer, mat Pilates and those deep yoga poses- there is nothing else like it! I think this would be suitable for all fitness levels and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to that deep burn or tone and stretch with low impact
Chloe Natasha
My experience at FS8 port Melbourne was amazing, the staff are super friendly and engaged throughout the whole session! The staff are super accommodating especially as I needed to modify a few stations! The vibe in the studio was awesome and the workout was great too!
Amy Luci
The whole experience is fantastic. Always found yoga boring & this combines everything I need in one class. Trainers are just amazing!
Jo Lewis
FS8 takes the best parts of traditional yoga, Pilates, and strength training and combines them to create the perfect workout, I feel like I’m giving back to my body and mind, I originally signed up for 1 class a week and then joined as a full member by week 2!!!!
Amanda Bromley
Because it’s a great experience! Workout fits whatever you wanna accomplish: strong or not! I’m entered as a beginner and now I’m assisting 4-5 times a week! Unbelievable! Love the workout, love the trainers and love the place! I’ve recommended it to everyone I talk to! Absolutely love it!
Caro Chacra
Firstly, I saw improvements within my body in as little as 1 week. I could stretch and move my body better, sleeping better and could achieve a push-up by the end of the week with more upper body strength. The trainers’ vibe is such a joy to walk into 6 am every morning they make you feel so welcome and share so much knowledge with every exercise they explain. The space is beautiful, welcoming and peaceful.
Chloe Clean
The low impact and variety suited my current situation with physical mobility. I am generally keen on higher impact and cardio, F8S provides a low impact workout but still gets the heart going and a sweat on. I always feel good after a workout.
Nicole Kenny

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